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Autumn Leaves


By Lynne Vago
300 mm X 400 mm framed

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Lynne Vago has been around art for many years. In 2020, during the COVID 19 lockdowns, she was inspired by the many possibilities of making something out of nothing.  Lynne loves the feeling of being childlike and in the moment with her art. She notes that not being formally trained gives her the freedom to be spontaneous in her naivety to enjoy exploring.

Lynne was in quiet mediation and playing with limited art supplies and three dried autumn leaves she had collected. She was inspired to dip the leaves into acrylic paint, pressed them and later on a walk collected some storks of peppercorn berries.  After being dipped in blue acrylic wash, she pressed them and interesting shapes emerged, looking like coral reefs and mystical beings.

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