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Beautiful Visitors


By Deidre Diggeden
325 mm X 425 mm framed


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Deidre Diggeden has doodled and drawn all of her life. In the past 10 years, she has been painting pet portraits for friends and family. More recently Deidre has painted the wild birds that she sees in the garden and surrounding bush. Colour is her inspiration.

For a short time after the devastating bush fires in 2019, a group of beautiful parrots visited Deidre’s country garden to drink and splash around in the birdbath. They visited every day around 5pm for a full week. They were unafraid and didn’t mind Deidre taking photos and admiring them. They were not a local bird to her area, so she felt very fortunate to see them and provide a haven during the fires. They inspired ‘Beautiful Visitors’.

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