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Blue Lace and Paper Flowers


By Tania Chanter
550 mm x 700 mm framed

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Tania is an abstract artist living and working in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. Her work is driven by intuition, a love of colour and pattern. Currently she is focusing on landscapes inspired by the natural world, and by the ever changing effects of the elements on the environment. Whether it’s a field of wildflowers swaying in the wind or a thunderous storm ravaging the coastline, her aim is to capture the atmosphere and communicate emotion.

Blue Lace and Paper Flowers is an impressionist floral inspired by the rich and vibrant tones of the Australian landscape and the changes of light and mood throughout the day. Tania’s hope is that this painting brings a sense of calm to the room where it lives and that it makes the people who enter the room feel as though a part of nature is right there with them. The beautiful visible individual brushstrokes provide an added texture. It is one of a kind original painting. This painting is on stretched artist quality canvas framed in a neutral coloured floating frame.

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