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Eastern Spine Bill


By Deidre Diggeden
325 mm X 425 mm framed

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Deidre Diggeden has doodled and drawn all of her life. In the past 10 years, she has been painting pet portraits for friends and family. More recently Deidre has painted the wild birds that she sees in the garden and surrounding bush. Colour is her inspiration.

Deidre found an Eastern Spine Bill bird suffering heat exhaustion whilst walking in the bush. She carried him home and gently ran cool water down his back and managed to get him to take water. He sat on the edge of her birdbath recovering and eventually fluttered to a Chinese lantern tree for a sip of nectar. Every Deidre sees them darting to and from flowers and splashing in the birdbath. Her painting, ‘Eastern Spine Bill’ is what she sees; colour, life and beauty.


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