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Girl 57


By Clayton Keefe
800 mm x 430 mm unframed

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Clayton has been a photographer since 1975, now working in both film and digital. He has a graphic design qualification and is currently studying at Federation University Arts Academy in Ballarat, Victoria.

There is a long connection in Western Victoria with cars, and the preferences of the older farmers for American built cars. This continues today and contributes to the celebration of heritage across the region. This Girl 57 photograph is a wide-angle close-up of the vehicle which is intended to make the image striking and make it suitable for viewing at some distance when framed, and in the right décor environment.

The work largely speaks for itself, but is an embrace of the concept of the loved car crossing over into a work of art. Vintage cars bring with them the evocations of the era of their heyday, and the feelings of the time for those with lived experience; and some sort of other experience for those born later. Vintage vehicles appear regularly across events in the region and are widely admired. In socio-economic terms, they are a symbol of wealth and indulgence, but also carry the cachet of historical preservation at some personal sacrifice.

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