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By Deidre Diggeden
405 mm X 500 mm framed

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Deidre Diggeden has doodled and drawn all of her life. In the past 10 years, she has been painting pet portraits for friends and family. More recently Deidre has painted the wild birds that she sees in the garden and surrounding bush. Colour is her inspiration.

‘Hope’ is Deidre’s expression of grief. Everyone’s experience of grief is as unique as we are. It is hard to express grief, it is hard being sad. During her grief journey the night was Deidre’s comfort. She felt more comfortable when the world was covered by dark and she could lock the doors, close the curtains and hope no one would call or visit. She didn’t have to do anything. She was happy in the dark. She was happy being unhappy.
Support, love and understanding from family and friends drew Deidre out of the dark and slowly she welcomed the light and the mornings. This painting is hope. Deidre learnt from the dark. It taught her to be humble, empathetic and thankful.

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