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Lief rood meisje (Sweet Redhead)


By Pauline Day
300 mm x 300 mm framed

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Pauline Day completed a Master’s course in realistic painting (oils) at Art Partout School voor Realistische Schilder Kunst in The Netherlands, 2007-2011. She has organised annual exhibitions at Weldam Castle in Diepenheim NL.

Pauline loves to produce drama in paintings using clear colours and light and shadow techniques. While living in Holland Pauline was inspired by a Rembrandt painting of ‘A girl at a window.’  She loved the composition and use of reds. She transposed the scene and painted a portrait of a friend’s granddaughter.

‘Lief rood meisje (Sweet Redhead)’ is a watercolour portrait, executed on paper. Inspired by Rembrandt’s painting of ‘A young girl at a Window,’ in which the composition and winsome look of the subject tell a story.

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