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Lily Stripes


By Lauren Espie and Linda Espie
280 mm X 355 cm framed

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Lauren Espie is an artist who uses mixed media mediums. She lives in Ballarat, Victoria. Lauren studied Graphic Design at Federation University and is currently studying Visual Arts at Oxygen College Ballarat. Lauren gains inspiration from Pop Art, enjoys Food Photography and enjoys an all hands on approach using creative mediums like charcoal, clay and freehand painting. Her artworks have been exhibited, sold in cafe’s and have been commissioned for two book publications on loss and grief. Lauren has been commissioned to do art, photography and design work for community organisation publications.

Linda Espie is a photographer who believes that photography is a powerful avenue of expression, one that offers contemplative opportunities and potential for expanded personal awareness and community engagement. Her great love of flowers, nature and all things ‘commonplace’ is the alchemy that translates the ordinary into the extraordinary.

In Lily Stipes a tall flower and stripes make sense – strength and resilience abound. Photography and pop art design together make Linda feel happy. The energy of bright colours underlying ordinary objects is somewhat a juxtaposition, as life can be at times. Lauren describes her love and style of art practices as ‘going with the flow.’ Led by her mood and feelings delivering an authentic body of work.

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