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Love is an open door 11


By Min Ray
Painting Series
200 mm x 200 mm (x4) ready to hang

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Min Ray is an emerging visual artist based in Western District of Victoria. After working in office administration for over 10 years, Min Pursued a career in fine art. She studied at Melbourne Polytechnic and the Northern College of Fine Arts and Technology over the past three years. Whilst studying she received an Outstanding Achievement Award and as Excellence Award from Melbourne Polytechnic.

When Min discovered ways of crafting visual Stories via abstraction and the power of colours, she found her own creative voice and a way of validating her own unique presence in the world.

Using her signature painting style; hard – edge geometric abstraction, Min tells stories via old colours, geometric shapes architectural forms and structural patterns.

Min’s work is informed by the traditions of early mid-20th century movements and styles such as Bouhaus, Colour Field, Op Art and Minimalism. Knowledge of these traditions has equipped Min with a more abstract lens through which to view the world, whereby objects, landscapes, emotions and thoughts transfer into lines, shapes, forms and colours. Min believes that everyone has significant memories embedded within them. These memories might be associated with imagery, smell, taste, sound or touch. She notes these visual, aural and physiological sensations contribute to our identity and sense of self.

Min’s intention is to portray the interior and exterior sites and subjective experience and memories through abstract paintings. She reflects on her deep engagement with the psychology of colour and the symbolism of geometric forms.

Love is an open door 11, a set of 4 paintings, is to visually demonstrate the easy ways to find love. Sometimes you can’t see it, you can’t hear it or feel it. But it’s actually there, behind a door. All you need to do is open the door. Will you give it a push?

This series explores different types of doors, lighting variations and their impact on the surrounding environment. It’s about finding love in the neighbourhood, in the community. There are many doors, some open making connections whilst some closed. The 4 pieces can be put together in numerous ways.

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