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Place 10


By Matthew Simpson
310 mm x 255 mm ready to hang

In stock

Matthew Simpson is a visual artist with a hidden disability. He has painted for many years since studying fine art at the Victorian College of the Arts in the 1980s. Matthew’s work for the past few years has concentrated on the possibilities of form and patterns that emerge through a process of repeated addition of lines. The process involves both random making and considered addition to revealed structures.

Place 10 was previously exhibited in an exhibition called Place Paintings. Larger works in the show were titled after places the artist had lived at. The works were all abstract in nature and bore no resemblance to the addresses they were named after. Place 10 is predominantly light blue, with darker brushstrokes covering the surface. The build-up of lines to create pattern and form is typical of Simpson’s oeuvre. It is a small work, slightly wider than an A4 sheet. There is no central motif or image which suggests that the lines could extend forever.

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