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By Linda Espie
275 mm x 420 mm unframed

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Linda Espie is a photographer, art therapist, counsellor and published author. She is passionate about photography and creating artworks, capturing the many ordinary aspects of everyday life. Linda believes that photography is a powerful avenue of expression, one that offers contemplative opportunities and potential for expanded personal awareness and community engagement. Her great love is the alchemy that translates the ordinary into the extraordinary. Linda has successfully co-ordinated photography projects including three of her own exhibitions in Melbourne.

Linda was awarded an annual long Artist-in-Residence at St Vincent’s hospital where she, with ethics approval, spent a year taking photos of staff and patients hands in palliative care, oncology and chronic illness wards. An exhibition of her photographs was held and Linda was a finalist in the St Vincent’s Health Australia Quality Awards: Mission and Social Justice Award.

Retro Intrigue is an image that is there, yet not there, leaves the mind wondering… was it a mistake, was it modified, was it intentional – this is the question. The answer is within the one witnessing.

* Please allow two weeks for photographs to be produced prior to pick up 

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