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Robin Williams


By Mitchell Kirkmoe
297 mm x 420 mm framed

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Mitch Kirkmoe (kirkmoe.art) is from the south east of Melbourne and has lived a life surrounded by sports, notably basketball and football. He has always enjoyed drawing but had little patience for it initially, producing zero pictures after completing year 12 in 2015. In November 2020 he picked up drawing again as a COVID hobby and his focus on producing graphite pencil portraits has branched out to colour. Mitch hopes to one day move to painting with oils on canvas, just like his grandfather Peter did. He inspired Mitch with his great paintings. Most of what he draws is to help raise awareness of those issues he feels passionate about such as illness, racism, etc.

Robin Williams was an idol for Mitch who bought happiness and joy to so many. Within himself, he was fighting his own demons that he never let get in the way of making others smile. Robin was a piece Mitch wanted to do as he admired him, as so many others did.

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