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Whisper in Pink and Lavender 1


By Lidia Kaminski
500 mm x 500 mm framed

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Lidia has developed a unique style and experiments with the many techniques used in abstract painting. She paints primarily on large canvases but also creates smaller works that will compliment a contemporary space. All her smaller works are in a series of 2-6 for continuity of grouping art together but may be sold individually.

Despite the appearance of serendipity, Lidia’s technique involves constant assessment, measurement and exploration of pigments and their configurations. She challenges herself with each new work to create resonances between or among the senses by exploiting the ever-changing detail of light and texture. She is not creating familiar objects but feelings.

The five pieces of artwork that Lidia has donated to this exhibition were all painted after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. They represent a time of coming to terms with her illness and keeping the depression associated with a terminal illness at bay. Lidia painted even during the worst of her chemo treatment, at times only being able to work on small pieces at a desk supporting her hands with neuropathy. Artistic expression during this time helped Lidia meet each challenge thrown her way and kept her positive in recovery. She is currently on a first human trial of an ‘Immune Response Therapy’ at the Clinical Trials Unit, Monash Clayton. The therapy gives her hope that she will be painting and enjoying life for longer than initially anticipated.

‘Whisper in Pink and Lavender’ is a fine art reproduction on canvas. The artwork is shadow mounted and framed with Italian moulding in White.

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