Your Will

Your Will is a legal document that ensures your wishes are carried out after you die. Whatever your age or personal circumstances, making a Will and keeping it current is the only way to be certain your wishes will be followed, and that the people and causes you care about will be taken care of after your death. If your situation changes, you can revise your Will at any time. Spending a short time with your solicitor now, setting down your wishes, means peace of mind and could save your loved ones from distress and uncertainty in the future.


Include us in your Will

A bequest is a gift left in a Last Will and Testament – it could be money, shares, property, residual of estate or other valuable items. It is an investment in the future.

Remembering PCSE in your Will is a powerful statement of support for home-based palliative care and the right of everyone in our region with a life-limiting or terminal illness to have access to it. A gift in your Will recognises the value of the work that we do in caring for clients and their families and is an investment in community care.

Sadly, many of us will be affected by a life-limiting or terminal illness during our lifetime and we will require palliative care. A gift to PCSE in your Will is a special contribution to shaping the future of home-based palliative care in our region and ensuring equity of access to our service for our community.

Your gift will touch the lives of many, leaving a truly lasting legacy.


Types of Gifts in Wills

A fixed dollar amount: You may nominate an exact dollar amount to gift to Palliative Care South East Ltd. The value of this type of gift can decrease over time, as the cost of living increases. It is possible to have the amount adjusted for inflation within your Will, and your solicitor can advise you on this.

Specific property: You can nominate a specific gift such as property, possessions, insurance policies or shares that are clearly distinguishable and separate from the remainder of the property that forms your estate.

Residuary bequests: You donate the remainder of your estate to Palliative Care South East after your dependants, taxes and expenses have been taken care of. With a residuary bequest, your gift will always reflect the proportion of your estate that you intended. As there is no fixed dollar amount stated, a residuary bequest prevents inflation from reducing the ‘real value’ of your gift.


Suggested Wording for your Will:

I give to Palliative Care South East Ltd, ABN 64 725 842 484, free of all taxes and other deductions the residue of my estate OR (X) % of the residue of my estate; OR the sum of $ (insert amount) OR (insert specified assets such as real estate, shares etc) for its general purposes. I declare that the receipt of the proper officer of the organisation shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors.

Once you have included PCSE in your Will, we hope you will kindly inform us as we would like to thank you personally for your decision and keep you up to date on developments in our service.

For more information about leave a Gift in your Will or to discuss your ideas with us confidentially to ensure your peace of mind, please contact Katrina Peach on:
Phone 03 5991 1300

If you are considering including Palliative Care South East Ltd in your Will, we advise that you seek professional legal advice.

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