Frequently Asked Questions.

What is palliative care?

Palliative care helps people with a terminal illness to have the best possible quality of life.

The care focuses on supporting the person who has the illness, as well as family and friends. It is available for everyone – of any age, race, culture, background or religion.

Palliative care may include:

  • Medicine and other therapies to relieve pain and manage symptoms;
  • Support for family and friends;
  • Help and equipment to live comfortably at home where possible;
  • Help to meet spiritual, religious or cultural needs;
  • Regular visits from health workers and other care providers.


Please see our Palliative Care page for more information.

What does palliative care offer?

Palliative care offers expert care to relieve a person’s pain and suffering and to respond to their social, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs. Support is also available to family and friends providing care.

We offer a 24 hours, 7 days a week service by partnering with the Royal District Nursing Service and Koo Wee Rup District Nursing Service.

We will assess your needs and can make referrals to other services – such as respite care, financial assistance, home assistance, etc.

Who can access palliative care?

It is available for everyone – of any age, race, culture, background or religion. We can arrange for an interpreter to be available at visits to help those who speak a language other than English.

Palliative care helps people living with a serious illness that is likely to shorten their life.

When can palliative care begin?

You can ask for palliative care any time from your diagnosis and throughout your illness.

It can help with pain and other symptoms and improve your quality of life at any time during your illness. Palliative care may increase, reduce or stop, as your needs change. It is not limited to the last days or weeks of life.

Where is palliative care delivered?

Palliative Care South East operates in the local government areas of Cardinia, Casey, Greater Dandenong and parts of Kingston.

We provide care in your home, wherever your home may be. Palliative care is also provided in hospital and in hospices (special units provide palliative care). We will continue your care if you move from your home into an Aged Care facility. If you move out of our region to live with family, we will connect you to the relevant palliative care service in your new area.

How do I request palliative care?

Your doctor or other medical professionals can refer you to our service. We accept referrals from patients, family and friends, health professionals and community agencies.

Referrals must be made with the consent of the person.

We are happy to answer any queries you may have regarding palliative care. Please call our office between 8.30am – 4.30pm on 03 5991 1300.

What does palliative care cost?

Palliative Care South East services are free. Our service does not include the cost of medicines and there may be a charge for equipment provided, depending on your needs.

What is Advanced Care Planning?

Advanced Care Planning is a way of thinking about, discussing and writing down your wishes for care and treatment should the time come when you are unable to speak for yourself due to illness or injury.

Please see the Planning Ahead section on our How We Can Help page for more information.

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