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Palliative Care South East was founded by volunteers back in 1984. The philosophy of the early founders lives on in our volunteers. We could not fully support our community without the help of our volunteers. These amazing people willingly give their time, skills and energy to help people in our community. Our volunteers are of all ages, come from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Become a Palliative Care South East volunteer and help your community. We provide full training for all volunteers, with regular meetings and outings to provide ongoing support.

There are many ways to be involved:


Family Support Volunteers

Support the client and their family to participate as much as they can, to live as fully as possible and to help deal with practical and emotional challenges.

Bereavement Volunteers

Are trained in bereavement support and continue to offer support to family and friends after the client has died. Volunteers are trained to recognise and respond to the needs of bereaved clients.

Administration Volunteers

Assist with a variety of office based tasks including data entry, filing, mail-outs, etc.

Biography Volunteers

Run a program called ‘Sharing My Story’. It gives clients an opportunity to record their thoughts and to tell their story in the form of a biography or letter.

Transport Volunteers

Offering patient transport to clients who require support to attend appointments at our onsite EPIC clinic. Clients are also able to request support for external appointments on need, approval and availability.

Volunteer Ambassadors

Are involved in community education to local groups and organisations about palliative care, what we do and how to get involved. 


If you are considering becoming a volunteer, please click on the link below to view our volunteer opportunities.


Palliative Care South East Volunteers get as much out of being a volunteer as they put in:


“I like to think I brought a little relief into [the client]’s life. We shared many special moments. Her strength of character, her dignity, her determination were an inspiration to all. Yes, I believe I did improve her quality of life, but what I received in return is more than I am capable of putting into words”.



“One of the most unexpected experiences I have had while working as a volunteer with SEPC was when the patient was clearly in the last stages of his life. It was the first time I had visited this family. Many members of the family had been gathering to support each other.
I spent some time in the room with the patient, as this appeared to be expected. Then I went out to the living room and spent considerable time with his wife, who was of course very upset, while trying to remain calm and in control of the necessary arrangements. She was glad to have someone she could talk to, someone who perhaps had a little experience of these situations.
As I was leaving another member of the family opened up to me. She was so glad to have someone who was not a friend or family member to whom she could pour out her own personal distress. It had not been appropriate for her to be so completely honest within the family, to acknowledge the very great loss she would feel at the death of someone she had known for fifty years. When she paused for breath, she thanked me for helping her to go in now to face the situation with a greater calmness and acceptance than she had thought possible. She had been reassured that her emotions were honestly valid.
I went home with a feeling that I really had been able to be useful in that situation. I learned afterwards that the patient had died about half an hour later”.



“I have been a volunteer at Palliative Care South East for 3 ½ years. When I retired I needed to find something that would fill in a few hours each week.
I felt that my administration experience would help in a voluntary role, assisting the Admin Staff by doing some of the mundane jobs.
I really enjoy coming in each week and feel I am of use and I have, in fact, learned many new things”

Palliative Care South East acknowledges the First Nation peoples of Australia as the traditional custodians of the land on which we now live and work. We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

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