A carer is someone who looks after a family member or friend who is not able to manage all their needs by themselves. You may be a close family member such as a spouse, son or daughter, brother or sister, parent or a neighbour or friend.

Each caring role is different. It can happen gradually or suddenly. It can last for a short time or a longer time. You might care for someone for a few hours or all the time.

Palliative Care South East provides support for the person with the life-limiting illness, their family, the people caring for them and anyone the person considers is important in their life.



Palliative Care South East understands that it can be overwhelming to care for a loved one, particularly if you’ve had no training or experience in looking after someone with a serious illness. Even if you have a health background – caring for someone you love is different. We are aware that caring for a loved one can be physically, emotionally and financially draining.

What you are doing is vital and we will help you and provide support to you along the way.

Our staff and volunteers will visit you and help you to develop a comprehensive support network. We will connect you to support agencies and help you to plan ahead.

Your Palliative Care team includes: 

Palliative Care Nurses
Social Workers
Palliative Care Volunteers
Occupational Therapists
Music Therapists
Spiritual Care Workers


We know that you are dedicated to caring for your loved one or friend at home and that sometimes you are not really aware of how taxing it is to care for someone with a serious illness.

Talk to your Palliative Care South East team. We are here to help you. Don’t wait until you feel totally overwhelmed. It is important to remember that there may be a waiting list for services. You will need to plan ahead. We can help you to plan ahead and arrange whatever support or services you currently need and will need in the future.



You may face a wide range of serious practical challenges. You may have to leave your job to take on a full-time carer role, which may result in financial hardship. You may have to assist your loved one or friend to shower, which you have never done before.

Many carers feel that they cannot leave the person they are caring for to attend appointments or take a break due to their 24 hour/7 day per week carer role.

Many of our clients require complex medication management, which may make you feel uneasy.

We can assist you in solving these practical challenges. Our dedicated team will support you in the home to build your confidence and ability to care for your loved one or friend.

If you are unsure, we can help you to find solutions to the problems that you may be facing – you just need to ask.



Many carers describe their days as like ‘riding a roller coaster’ – always up and down. You may have feelings of anxiety, depression, fatigue, a low mood, helplessness, hopelessness, among others.

Emotional challenges are absolutely huge, as caring for a loved one or friend who has a terminal illness is not easy.

Our dedicated team is aware of this and are here to support you. All of your team are well trained to offer emotional support and assurance. You can contact us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed and helpless, our Nursing team and Allied Support Workers, e.g., Counsellors, Spiritual Care Worker, Music Therapist and volunteers are available to talk with you.

I’m on your side when you think there’s no-one. I’m on your side when darkness falls. I’m on your side. All you gotta do is call.

Paul Kelly, 2012

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