Consultancy Services.


Achieving the goals of clients and families and addressing their needs adequately is best met through a partnership approach. The Palliative Care South East team is available to provide palliative care advice, support and consultancy in relation to care of clients who may be part of your service. Alternatively Palliative Care South East may refer clients for support and service to your organisation.

Palliative Care South East works in partnership with a range of service providers



Palliative Care South East can provide Nurse Consultation in Palliative Aged Care to all of the Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) within our catchment.The Nurse Consultant works with the RACF staff to address any palliative client care issues and recommend and develop in conjunction with the staff, client and family, care plans to address the identified needs.

Dying is part of living and you are still living when you are dying

BJ Miller

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