Weavers Carer Support Program.

Palliative Care South East is proud to offer the Weavers Carer Support Program in our communities.

This outstanding initiative is aimed at caring for the carers by people who know. The Weavers program has been designed with carers and for carers. It works by providing support along the caring journey. Weavers are people who have experienced what it means to be a carer. They truly understand what it’s like and are trained to use this know-how to support carers in their local community.

Our Weavers are volunteers who work along side our health professionals. They will help you to navigate and negotiate the service maze, help you to stay connected and involve others, help you to work through emotional challenges and help you to sustain things for yourself.

If you would like more information regarding our Weavers Carer Support Program please contact our Volunteer Coordinator on 5991 1300 during office hours or email reception@palliativecarese.org.au.

Also, if you have been a carer and would like to share your experience to assist others, join our Weavers Team. To find out more about becoming a volunteer Weaver contact our Carer Educator during office hours on

5991 1300

“Caring is hard, it can help to have someone show you different ways”
“Caring for Mum and Dad was a huge learning curve. I wish I had someone who knew what it was like and to share what they had learnt. That’s why I’m a weaver”
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