Carer Education.


Palliative Care South East recognises that the caring role can be overwhelming – it can be constant, stressful and often exhausting. We have developed an Education and Support Program with information, ideas and support to assist in building confidence and reducing stress. We analysed carer needs and used this data to develop a program dedicated to our carers.

Our Program is run by members of our highly qualified palliative care team, together with our Volunteers, many of who have been carers themselves. The focus of the workshops is to provide an interactive and safe space for you to ask questions and receive practical tips, information and advice. It is an opportunity for you to learn skills that will help you in your caring role.

The program consists of 10 modules, delivered over a 10 week period. As part of each module there is a complementary therapy session, such as meditation or music therapy to help carers learn how to relax and find time for themselves.


The sessions are free and open to all those involved in the care of your loved one. You can attend all the sessions or just the ones that you think are most relevant to you.

The sessions are held at the PCSE Offices in Cranbourne. We can arrange respite and transport for those carers who require assistance. Bookings are essential. To book your place or for further information, contact our Reception staff – call during office hours 03 5991 1300 or email


Comments from some of our Carers are:

“Wonderful workshop. I was surprised at how much I learnt.”
“I felt the workshop had so much valuable information and was well balanced in the content offered. I certainly learnt a lot and I’m sure it would have been a great help to other carers attending.”
“Very friendly and informative – I got more than I thought from it.”
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