Volunteer Memorabilia Program

PCSE’s Memorabilia Program specialises in making memorabilia items from the clothing of a loved one by one of our talented and skilled volunteers. The thought of having to let go of items such as clothing can sometimes be difficult and painful, but thanks to the recently awarded Stockland CARE Grant PCSE’s memorabilia program can provide a free of charge service to create a memorabilia item that will evoke cherished memories and hold extra special meaning for families involved in our service. Each piece of clothing telling a story unique to the owner.
After recently losing her Father-in-Law, Cara was excited to learn she could utilise the Memorabilia Program to create memorabilia items from his clothes for her family. From her consultation with a memorabilia volunteer and providing the clothes she would like to use, Cara was thrilled and overjoyed to receive her Teddies.
“It just feels so good to have something we can hold onto and cuddle, especially for my boys, and I can’t wait to see my husband’s reaction when he sees them.”
To find out more or to become a memorabilia volunteer for this program contact PCSE on 03 59911300 or click here
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