Volunteer Snapshot: Hans Rutgrink

Hans became a PCSE volunteer after finishing his working career and seeing an advertisement in the local library for a volunteer position. He thought he would be well suited to sign up and assist those with a life-limiting illness. He has now been a part of our program for over nine years, coming to love the positive outlook of clients and the privilege of sharing their stories during their end stages of life.

When asked to reflect on his experience as a volunteer Hans describes his role as a very rewarding use of time and resources, feeling incredibly humbled by the gratitude of the families he supports.

One of his most memorable moments was when the family of a client asked him to be a part of the memorial service and included a photo of him followed by the caption ‘Hans, a good friend of Donald’.

We are so grateful for the role Hans plays in providing our carers and clients with companionship and support. Without his dedication and time, we would not be able to offer company to those who may need some additional care as they navigate a challenging time.

If you would like to be involved in our volunteer program to help others with a life-limiting illness in our community please click here or call PCSE’s reception on 03 5991 1300. Alternatively, you can support our service by making a donation.


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