Volunteer Snapshot: Meet Josie Mastroianni

Josie has volunteered with Palliative Care South East (PCSE) for the past five years, making an incredibly valuable contribution to our service. She initially joined the program after witnessing her friend volunteer with PCSE and seeing first-hand how rewarding and satisfying the position was. This, in combination with her passion and motivation to give back to our community, led to Josie joining our team.

Over the past five years, she has helped support a range of carers and clients in a companionship role. When reflecting on her time as a volunteer Josie describes a great feeling of accomplishment knowing she has made someone smile and brought happiness to people’s lives, especially to those who have limited visitors.
She finds that during her volunteering experience it has often been the smaller things that provide the greatest reward. One of her fondest memories is of her very first client.

“I was asked to sit by his bed (as he was at his end-stage of life) whilst his wife needed to run some errands. Boy, did he have a story or two to tell. He so much enjoyed and was proud of what he achieved in his working career, but he was also quick to tell you to leave the room when he wanted to be on his own”.

When asked if she would recommend volunteering with PCSE she is quick to highlight the diversity and flexibility of our program.

“If I could say something to anyone thinking of volunteering, anyone with some spare time, perhaps once a fortnight or even once a month, and you are a caring, motivated, friendly and sensitive to the needs of others, why not join? We are an incredibly diverse group, with a range of ages, identities, skills and personal attributes that complement what PCSE is out to achieve”.

We are so lucky to have Josie as part of our team and thank her for her incredible contribution to our service. Without the enthusiasm of volunteers like her we would struggle to continue providing the highest standard of holistic care to our community.

If you would like to learn more about PCSE’s volunteering program please click here. Alternatively, you can support our service by making a donation to help people with a life-limiting illness to live well.

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